Graphic Design & Websites

Life takes us interesting places…for 30 years, I headed up marketing for the exhibit company I helped co-found.  Upon leaving, I was hell-bent on immersing myself in photography, a passion since childhood.  Recently though, I’ve found myself helping clients with graphics, logo design, and web-building activities as well.  And I’m loving it.

Creating alluring photographs to illuminate jewelry and art is an important step in selling artists’ work.  However, creating strong branding, a compatible visual identity, a powerful & easy-to-maintain web presence and social media capabilities are equally important in today’s marketplace.

Following are just a few recent design projects and websites.  Click on any masthead to see the site.  Click on the logos at bottom to see larger images:

I was asked to help with the Art for Barks logo and some auxiliary graphic items, however the website is by others.

The images below are visual identities and logos, for which no website yet exists.

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