Fine Images

10 Responses to Fine Images

  1. Karen Hickman says:

    these images are amazing!!!! spectacular!!

  2. Warren Hoffman says:

    Nice work! I remember the early days in the darkroom at your parent’s house in Wantagh (pre-fire). Black and white back then. Great work! Can you still do darkroom work or is it entirely digital now?

    • steverossman says:

      Darkroom??? Film?? I kinda remember what you’re talking about.

      The real answer is no, I probably couldn’t find my way around a darkroom with a flashlight today. Interestingly though, I’ve been good about archiving and protecting all my old negs, and recently I’ve been scanning them into the computer at VERY HIGH rez (almost to the extent of crashing the computer, the files are so large) and printing them digitally. A lot of older photographers bemoan the rise of digital and talk about everything we’ve lost. I don’t agree. The prints I get from these scanned images look every bit as good to me as the prints I got out of the soup 40 years ago. So about a year ago, I bought an old Hasselblad, so I could shoot film, send it to a lab for processing, then scan the negs at high rez and process digitally. I’m selling the Hassie. Just don’t see enough of a difference to justify the added cost and time.

      That’s probably way more of an answer than you wanted or needed. Hope you and Lynn and the boys are all doing well. Best –


      • Warren Hoffman says:

        Just reading your post from last month. So…. It was interesting and your work remains so too…..

      • steverossman says:

        Thanks! Did you happen to see today’s post re: the Beatles concert? I want to think you were part of the “gang of 15”. s.

  3. gwen gibson says:

    Steve, how did you manage to catch the polar bear?

    • steverossman says:

      So sorry this is slow in coming, Gwen. I just found your question today. There’s a polar bear tank at the San Diego zoo, with a huge underwater viewing area. Likewise for hippos. I’ve spent many happy hours in the early morning, watching these guys at play. Not nearly as thrilling or exotic as a journey to Churchill, Canada, but watching their balletic movements up close is really quite amazing. Such lumbering creatures on land turn into underwater dancers…

  4. NATALIE REED says:

    Steve your site is just beyond words…the photos are wooooonderful. Happy B-day to Jonna…
    Running as fast as I can to keep up…your work is real eye candy.

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