Steve Rossman has been capturing photographs and creating images, both real and fictional, for a very long time.

Steve Rossman Photo+Marketing is dedicated to helping artists photograph and market their work. Steve specializes in shooting Jewelry and other small shiny objects.  He’s also been creating logos and building WordPress websites for artists. He teaches Jewelry Photography at San Diego Continuing Education and other venues and provides private or small group in-studio tutorials that teach jewelry makers and artists how to better photograph their work.

He writes a regular column for Metal Clay Today Magazine.  His work, and that of his jewelry artist clients, has been featured in numerous national jewelry magazines, books and competitions.

SRP+M also provides photographic services for Trade Show documentation and Real Estate marketing.

He’s also been known to shoot a portrait from time to time.  No weddings, bar mitzvahs or dog shows, however.

Steve by Jonna Faulkner

You can see more work at Steve’s Flickr site, http://www.flickr.com/photos/61882972@N00/

And at Jonna Faulkner’s site, http://www.jonnafaulkner.com


5 Responses to About

  1. Robyn Posin says:

    Oh, Steve!!!
    Such a beautiful site, such an incredible range of subject matter seen so extraordinarily, magnificently through your lens/sensibility!!!
    Much love and celebration of the debut of your “going public” with your artistry with camera and words!
    Robyn, your ever-adoring fan

  2. Connie Fox says:

    Steve, your website is such a fine example of how to market yourself effectively. Your graphics are well designed – I love them, and your images clear and they highlight the jewelry without distraction. Congrats Steve – hope it brings people to you in droves, or at least truckloads!

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