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Seems like almost forever since I last posted here.  Been hanging out mostly on Facebook.  It’s been so long, in fact, that the WordPress dashboard controls have changed…twice.

I’ve now been a full-time photographer (shooting mostly trade show exhibits and designer jewelry) for over five years.  Can’t even believe it myself…

Sprinkle in teaching, writing a “how to” column for an on-line jewelry magazine, plus graphic and even occasional web design (as long as I don’t have to actually do the coding) and I have the makings of a wonderfully varied career.  It’s even more satisfying, because I made this change at age 60, in the midst of a pretty horrific recession.  Yet, I’m still here. And my little business keeps growing nicely. Thanks to a lot of wonderful clients.

I’ve been shooting since age 15.  But, until a few short years ago, thought my camera would forever be a diversion and delight…never an actual source of income.

When people hear that I specialize in two such diverse areas, my choices may seem strange.  But you do what you know and love.  My wife, Jonna Faulkner, is an amazing jewelry designer whose work I started capturing at least 15 years ago.  And I was an owner of a trade show exhibit design and manufacturing firm for almost 30 years. Truth be told, while the difference in scale is immense, most of my “subjects” are beautiful objects, made, mostly by hand, individually or in groups, by talented craftspeople and designers.  So there ya go…

This summer has been especially fruitful on the trade show side, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some large, beautiful structures.  Below the signature are a few of these recent projects.  All but one ( a semi-oldie/goodie) were shot since March 2016.

A parting thought…in his now-famous 2005 Stanford University graduation address, Steve Jobs said something I took to heart…

                      “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Hear, hear to that.

steve sig




Leo and Steve-700



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Art for Barks – Paws & Paint Expo

A wonderful local organization that’s near and dear to my heart is sponsoring a show tomorrow afternoon in Solana Beach.

Art for BarksPaws & Paint Expo

Saturday, October 10 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m
at the Solana Beach City Hall Gallery
635 S. Highway 101, Solana Beach 92075

Admission is free!

Art for Barks couples art and technology to support rescue animals and service dogs, helping curb pet abandonment on the front-end.  All this is done through support of a wide range of animal charities.

There will be much to do and learn at tomorrow’s Paws & Paint Expo!

  • Join Major League Baseball Player Travis Lee and therapy dog “Bella”
  • Enjoy animal art by prominent local artists
  • View the nation’s first collection of service dog fine art
  • Learn more about your own furry friend
  • And so much more…

This is a worthy event with proceeds benefiting animal charities.

When you come, look for me!  I’ll be there, too.

And enjoy!
Steve Rossman - Trade show exhibit photography


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Grabbing a few minutes with a new lens at the SD Safari Park…

It’s been work, work, work, recently (trade shows, jewelry shoots, teaching and some rare portrait work) which has kept me from just grabbing my camera and playing.  Doubly frustrating because I’ve recently gotten a much-desired long lens and have had precious little time to even get a feel for the thing.  Which has been driving me crazy.  So I played hooky for a couple of hours recently and ran over to the San Diego Safari Park (5 miles from our front door) to try to remember what it felt like to go out and shoot just for fun with something more substantial than my iPhone. (Spoiler alert:  felt good!)  Don’t have a lot to show yet, but here’s the best result from the morning.  Think I’ll keep it. (The lens…not the flamingo.)

flamingo close by Steve Rossman

Shot from about 20 yards with a long lens.  By using a VERY large aperture opening, was able dramatically reduce depth of field.


Steve Rossman - Trade show exhibit photography

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Naty Silver Jewelry

I’ve just finished a massive jewelry photography assignment for Cecilia Nataly and her partner, Kenneth Baker. Cecilia is a wonderfully talented designer working in silver and precious stones. She is from Peru and her designs are fabricated by craftsmen there. Ken handles the business side of the company. I love Cecilia’s beautifully designed work. Some pieces are elegantly simple. Some, exquisitely fine and detailed. All are of the highest quality.  It was a pleasure to shoot this collection.

Ken and Cecilia have just mounted a gorgeous website,, that includes my photography of her wonderful work. I urge you to check it out. You’ll love what you see.

Steve Rossman - Trade show exhibit photography

Cecilia Nataly Silver cuff bracelet. Jewelry photography by Steve RossmanCecilia Nataly Silver bracelet. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

Cecilia Nataly Silver Set 1

Cecilia Nataly Silver Earrings 1. Jewelry photography by Steve RossmanCecilia-Ken-S-7497-72-newCecilia Nataly Silver lace earrings. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

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Jonna Faulkner is at the San Diego Bead Bazaar!

Jonna and I are going to be at the San Diego Bead Society’s BEAD BAZAAR all weekend at the Scottish Rite Temple in Mission Valley. She’s been busy creating lots of amazing new work. Come see what she’s up to (or just say “Hi!”). Here’s the skinny…hope to see you there!Jonna Faulkner at the Bead Bazaar

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Women for Women International

Childhood pal, and now cross-country Facebook friend, Charlotte Klein, recently made me aware of a vitally important organization, Women for Women International.

Women for Women International logo

The organization’s mission is startlingly simple: “In countries affected by conflict and war, Women for Women International supports the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support.  By utilizing skills, knowledge, and resources, she is able to create sustainable change for herself, her family, and community.

If you’re not familiar with this essential organization, I urge you to learn about it. Effecting change at the most “grass roots” level in poverty-torn and war-torn countries around the world is one small way in which each of us can make a difference.

So please go to and support it in any way you can…like it, share it, contribute.   Thanks!

Steve Rossman - Trade show exhibit photography

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More Brilliant Jewelry From My Recent SDCCD Photography Class

Seeun Park has created one of the most beautiful pendants I’ve had the pleasure to shoot in all of my classes at SDCCD.  I’m pleased with this image because I was able to do some justice to a such a stunning piece, even though it was shot in a small portable studio in a classroom with difficult lighting.

The pendant consists of sterling silver, 18k royal yellow gold, 14k white gold, diamonds, rough citrine and fresh water pearls.

Seeun Park-Diamond, silver, Gold & Pearl Pendant. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

Here’s how Seeun describes her lovely piece:

“In the bible, a river travels through Eden and flows out from the garden; it separates in to four headwaters. The first is the river Pishon (the name of both my Jewelry Company and of this pendant); Pishon flows through the land called Havilah, the land of gold. 

The silver body of the pendant represents this land that supports so many good things, so many jewels. The gold balls represent the river that provides good things to the land.  In turn, the land produces jewels like pearls, diamonds, and citrine.   

Why not name the piece Havilah, for the land of jewels?  I think that it is the river that makes the land rich and fertile, and that was attractive to me. Water brings all that is good.  So I wanted the piece to be known as Pishon, the water, the Origin.”

Seeun Park lives and works in San Diego. She can be found through her Facebook page ( If you’d like to see more of her work, or contact her,  just “friend” her.  She’ll be happy to provide more info.


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