Grabbing a few minutes with a new lens at the SD Safari Park…

It’s been work, work, work, recently (trade shows, jewelry shoots, teaching and some rare portrait work) which has kept me from just grabbing my camera and playing.  Doubly frustrating because I’ve recently gotten a much-desired long lens and have had precious little time to even get a feel for the thing.  Which has been driving me crazy.  So I played hooky for a couple of hours recently and ran over to the San Diego Safari Park (5 miles from our front door) to try to remember what it felt like to go out and shoot just for fun with something more substantial than my iPhone. (Spoiler alert:  felt good!)  Don’t have a lot to show yet, but here’s the best result from the morning.  Think I’ll keep it. (The lens…not the flamingo.)

flamingo close by Steve Rossman

Shot from about 20 yards with a long lens.  By using a VERY large aperture opening, was able dramatically reduce depth of field.


Steve Rossman - Trade show exhibit photography

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2 Responses to Grabbing a few minutes with a new lens at the SD Safari Park…

  1. kerrieslade says:

    This is a beautiful photo Steve – such lovely colours! I find myself moved by it too, the flamingo looks so incredibly sad.

    Kerrie x

    • steverossman says:

      Thanks very much, Kerrie! Glad it spoke to you! Although that morning was blisteringly hot, the light was special. I felt good about this shot almost the minute I took it.

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