Naty Silver Jewelry

I’ve just finished a massive jewelry photography assignment for Cecilia Nataly and her partner, Kenneth Baker. Cecilia is a wonderfully talented designer working in silver and precious stones. She is from Peru and her designs are fabricated by craftsmen there. Ken handles the business side of the company. I love Cecilia’s beautifully designed work. Some pieces are elegantly simple. Some, exquisitely fine and detailed. All are of the highest quality.  It was a pleasure to shoot this collection.

Ken and Cecilia have just mounted a gorgeous website,, that includes my photography of her wonderful work. I urge you to check it out. You’ll love what you see.

Steve Rossman - Trade show exhibit photography

Cecilia Nataly Silver cuff bracelet. Jewelry photography by Steve RossmanCecilia Nataly Silver bracelet. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

Cecilia Nataly Silver Set 1

Cecilia Nataly Silver Earrings 1. Jewelry photography by Steve RossmanCecilia-Ken-S-7497-72-newCecilia Nataly Silver lace earrings. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

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5 Responses to Naty Silver Jewelry

  1. Bill Schroder says:

    The jewelry is lovely- I especially like the pendant w matching earrings. And the photography is sumptuous. Obviously a happy pairing for you and Ms. Nataly/Mr. Baker. Each piece is so handsome and handsomely presented. My oh my.

  2. Anne ShawHanson says:

    Great work Steve. Thank you for sharing.

    • steverossman says:

      Thanks, Anne! I can’t believe how wonderful the work is, especially for how young the designer is. As an aside, her work ethic is pretty amazing, too. All day long, as I was shooting, she was furiously polishing the next piece to a mirror finish! I was impressed.

  3. Magnifico! Both artist and photographer!

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