More Brilliant Jewelry From My Recent SDCCD Photography Class

Seeun Park has created one of the most beautiful pendants I’ve had the pleasure to shoot in all of my classes at SDCCD.  I’m pleased with this image because I was able to do some justice to a such a stunning piece, even though it was shot in a small portable studio in a classroom with difficult lighting.

The pendant consists of sterling silver, 18k royal yellow gold, 14k white gold, diamonds, rough citrine and fresh water pearls.

Seeun Park-Diamond, silver, Gold & Pearl Pendant. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

Here’s how Seeun describes her lovely piece:

“In the bible, a river travels through Eden and flows out from the garden; it separates in to four headwaters. The first is the river Pishon (the name of both my Jewelry Company and of this pendant); Pishon flows through the land called Havilah, the land of gold. 

The silver body of the pendant represents this land that supports so many good things, so many jewels. The gold balls represent the river that provides good things to the land.  In turn, the land produces jewels like pearls, diamonds, and citrine.   

Why not name the piece Havilah, for the land of jewels?  I think that it is the river that makes the land rich and fertile, and that was attractive to me. Water brings all that is good.  So I wanted the piece to be known as Pishon, the water, the Origin.”

Seeun Park lives and works in San Diego. She can be found through her Facebook page ( If you’d like to see more of her work, or contact her,  just “friend” her.  She’ll be happy to provide more info.


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3 Responses to More Brilliant Jewelry From My Recent SDCCD Photography Class

  1. One of the most unique pieces I’ve ever seen! Deserves a Blue Ribbon award! FABULOUS! Steve, you captured it’s elegance! It truly is magnificent!

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