Brilliant Work by Barbara Lanci-Greenblatt!

This past weekend, I taught another Jewelry Photography class at the West City campus of San Diego Continuing Education.  Whenever I teach, I ask students to bring a piece of jewelry for my in-class studio demonstration.  For this past week’s class, I had the opportunity to photograph a number of exquisite pieces by talented jewelry artists.

I’ll start with a gorgeous cuff by Barbara Lanci-Greenblatt today and post a second artist’s work in a day or two.

Barbara Lanci-Greenblatt-Argentium Sterling Cuff - jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

Barbara’s large cuff is made from Argentium Sterling, a fine karat sterling silver.  The decorative wires and granules were made using ancient Etruscan granulation and fusing techniques.  There is no use of solder and every element is hand-made, then fused to the cuff, including the bezel.  The stone in the cuff is a large (8mm) faceted aquamarine.  A patina was applied to the finished piece to enhance the design detail.

Barbara’s work is in private collections throughout the United States.  You can find more of her jewelry photos on Facebook under Azure Sky Gallery.  You’ll love what you see!

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