Garcia 1972 meets Newsweek 2015

Great news!  About six weeks ago, I received a preliminary query letter from Newsweek. Yes, that Newsweek…seems they were producing a special issue, commemorating Jerry Garcia and had found a photo I had taken of Garcia at a softball game back in 1972.  The writer said, “…the image is wonderful.  It’s nice to see him off the stage.” She asked if I would be willing to submit the image for possible inclusion in the issue. And she made it clear that the project was on a fast track.

I’m delighted and honored to report that Newsweek decided to go with the photo, and in fact, is using it as a double-page spread!

There’s a block of copy (impossible to read at the reduced size required for this blog post), that reads: “Photographer and dedicated Deadhead Steve Rossman took this photo at a softball game between the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane after Jerry invited him to the game the week before.  The March 1972 issue of Playboy contains a brief recounting of the showdown.”

The issue goes on sale tomorrow, June 30th. Get yours early!  I plan on buying them all up myself!!

This is really is good news on two fronts. The first is obvious.  Here’s the second: this photo was published in my little blog in August, 2012, to celebrate/commemorate the 15th anniversary of Garcia’s passing.  So, this is a testament to the power of social media. Because I do a pretty thorough job of tagging every photo I put on my blog, Newsweek was able to find this photo, fully three years later. And that’s pretty awesome.



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18 Responses to Garcia 1972 meets Newsweek 2015

  1. Ruth Kuroda says:

    Way Cool Steve! Nothing like archiving and tagging photo and then to bring up later to commemorate the person.

    Pleased as punch to hear this great news! ;-)Ruth

  2. Susan Minnock says:

    This is totally fantastic for you Steve! Congratulations! The sky is the limit. Sue

  3. janspencley says:

    Gonna run out and buy mine! Of course I will want your autograph! So pleased for you Steve. Totally!

    • steverossman says:

      Thanks Jan! We found ours at Barnes & Nobel. But it’s less expensive on Amazon… Duh…

      I’m really pleased with how it looks. YeeHaa.

      See you soon.

      Much love –

  4. Joining in the celebratory chorus! Very exciting, excited for You. Wow and double-Wow.

  5. steverossman says:

    Thank you Bill! Just got a copy of the magazine yesterday. Pretty exciting!

  6. Barbie Rose says:

    Hi Steve,

    That is sooooo cool Newsweek choosing your Garcia photo!

    Happy 4th to you and please say Hi to Jonna!


    Sent from my iPhone


  7. steverossman says:

    Thanks Barbie! so glad you enjoyed. It was a great day and is still a wonderful memory, all these MANY years later. Hi to Pete (and to Kay and David when you see them!) Jonna sends her love. Enjoy your day. s

  8. Fred Presson says:

    Very cool Steve, I remember you telling about the softball game years ago

    • steverossman says:

      Hey…good to hear from you Fred. Yeah, I’ve been feasting on that story for years. It was a pretty amazing day. And it’s equally amazing that Newsweek found it all these many years later. Someone here reminded me that it was 43 years ago. Holy crap!

      Hope you’re doing well! If ever you’re down here in the “big city,” it would be great to catch up. Best – s

      • I always knew you were a star! Now it will go down in the annuals of history! Congrats on the recognition! Anyone who loves photography as much as you do, Steve, should be acknowledged! You are now officially acknowledged, my friend! xo

  9. steverossman says:

    Thanks Judith! I’m still amazed that Newsweek was able to find my little blog all these years later.

    Hope you are both well! You know, we live too close to not see each other more frequently! Let’s grab a lunch sometime.

  10. R.A.F. says:

    Wow, your BIG TIME now. How very cool!

  11. mike altman says:

    Steve, do you have the exact date of this photo? Thank you!

    • steverossman says:

      So sorry, Mike. Been traveling a lot. I don’t know the exact date. I believe it’s 1972, because that’s the year I came west. I’m sure it was early in the year, because there’s a description of a game between the Dead and the Airplane in a March ’72 Playboy article that Newsweek mentions in the short paragraph describing my photo. So my guess is January, 1972. That’s the best I can do. Hope it helps!

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