I’ve made the cover of Exhibitor Magazine’s April 2015 edition!

I’m delighted to report that a photo I shot of the “Hyundai/Walking Dead/Future Publishing” exhibit at Comic-Con International 2013 has made the cover of the April 2015 issue of Exhibitor Magazine!

Exhibitor April 2015 cover - exhibit photo by Steve Rossman

Is there a higher honor to which an exhibit photographer can aspire?  Not for me!
The main photograph in the case study was mine as well.

Walking dead at comic-con.Photo by Steve Rossman

The exhibit, designed by Bay Area Exhibits Inc. in Santa Clara, CA, was one of the coolest and most successful designs I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot. The entire structure was utterly realistic, matching the excruciating attention to detail of the sets for the Walking Dead television series.  The Exhibitor article, written by Linda Armstrong, senior writer, is excellent.

At 130,000 attendees, Comic-Con International is San Diego’s largest convention. According to the Exhibitor article, this exhibit drew 90,000 visitors, or an astounding 67% of the entire attendance of the show!  Wow!  Ronni Pahl is the long-time senior account executive for BA Exhibits who is responsible for all aspects of the physical exhibit.  It’s a huge job, and she pulled it off flawlessly.

I can’t tell you how touched and honored I am to be a part of this case study.  This is huge!

Steve Rossman - Trade show exhibit photography

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2 Responses to I’ve made the cover of Exhibitor Magazine’s April 2015 edition!

  1. Lynn Moon says:

    Congrats Steve.

    Lynn >

  2. Moooooooooooody! Sexy! Love IT!!!

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