Roses in the Rain, Redux

Three years ago — almost to the day — I published a post entitled, “Roses in the Rain.”  It was the shortest post I’d ever written, reading simply, “Our rose garden is in bloom.  We had sun showers today.” And it was accompanied by three photos, all black and white.

Well, it rained today (an event worth celebrating here in southern California) and I was out with my camera in our rose garden again.  To my mind, there’s almost nothing more lovely than flowers in the rain.

This year, I thought it would be nice to add some color.


steve sig

p.s. these images were shot with my (now ancient) iPhone 4s.  Except for a little cropping, and a little added contrast, they are essentially straight out of the camera(phone). s

Roses in the rain. Photography by Steve Rossman



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7 Responses to Roses in the Rain, Redux

  1. Ruth Kuroda says:

    Yum raindrops!

  2. All three photos are magnificent, but I am giving the prize to the middle one, for delicacy of color. Just ravishing.

    • Bill Schroder says:

      Well, the fire rose did not appear the first time I saw this, so I am Most loudly singing the praise of the third photo (pale pink with deeper tinges). Please don’t add any more, or I have to change this accolade again.

  3. steverossman says:

    Thanks Bill! I’ve gotta admit, that’s my fave as well. I’ll stop moving them around, now.

  4. Judith Moore says:

    You just made my day with such talent capturing such beauty!

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