There’s a Raven in Our Library

Alternate title for this post: At Night, All Ravens are Black.

Okay, so it was shot on an overcast day.  It happens…even in southern California.

I’m out and about so much for my trade show work that I’m obsessed with finding beauty within steps of our home.  Even better when I don’t have to leave the place to find it.

You’ll recognize the raven from my last post, all the way back in January.  And, yes, he does live in our library.

The cart was a yard sale find that made Jonna happy.

The shot was made with my iPhone 4s.  Pretty much straight out of the camera.  It made me happy, too.

Theres_a_raven_in_the_library -iPhone photography by Steve Rossman-


steve sig

p.s. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, check out my Facebook page.  I’m pretty active there.  With all the work/life stuff going on, it’s getting harder to juggle both balls and plates… s

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5 Responses to There’s a Raven in Our Library

  1. Barbie Rose says:

    Love this shot Steve!

    Hugs to you and Jonna!


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Ruth Kuroda says:

    Caw, Caw! Delighted to see my fellow crow featured! Just Beautiful!

  3. Bill Schroder says:

    Great picture, especially the weird shadow pattern on the floor! Of course, I feel bad singling out one thing v another in a masterpiece!

  4. steverossman says:

    Thanks, all!!

    Hugs back, Barbie! Hope you and Pete are well!

    Someday, Ruth, I want to see the Raven you made!

    I like the floor pattern in the photo, too, Bill…

    Funny story about the floor. It’s a 100+yr-old house, and the floors are all “hand-scraped.” When we viewed it for the first time, I just assumed that the floors were original. There’s also a simple light fixture (I can’t bring myself to call it a chandelier) in the dining room that Jonna thought might also be original to the house. Until the first time we went shopping at Lowe’s (I think, it may have been Home Depot) where we saw both the flooring and the light fixture on sale…

    It’s a sad day when hopeless romantics are crushed by the harsh light of reality… ;o)

  5. Judith Moore says:

    Love the subject, position and shadows! Wow! What and eye and imagination. You’re magic!

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