Red is Cool!

Is this one of the coolest b-day presents ever?

Red the Cardinal (okay, not the most original name, but we’re still working on it) was fabricated by Jonna Faulkner under the firm guiding hand of friend and soft-sculpture mentor, Barbara Whitehill. Red stands 8 inches high and is a true mixed media soft sculpture.  If you want to know more about the construction details, ask Jonna or Barbara. It’s hard enough explaining how to make the photos… ;o)

Redbird soft sculpture-Faulkner and Whitehill.  Photo by Steve Rossman

This is the second soft bird sculpture made by Jonna with Barbara’s guidance.  The first was a wonderful Steampunk Raven who shares our home and has graced these pages.

Faulkner Whitehill soft sculpture raven - photo by Steve Rossman

Both photos were shot with a Nikon DSLR camera (D800 for Red; D300 for Steampunk Raven) using a 60mm micro lens.  both were shot in my Escondido studio under tungsten light.

Eat right. Get plenty of sleep. And NEVER mix light when shooting your art or jewelry.  ;o)

But most of all, enjoy!

steve sig

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8 Responses to Red is Cool!

  1. Bill Schroder says:

    There is simply toooooo much Talent running around your house. Somebody ought to notify the authorities.

  2. John says:

    Wow!! Great photos, Steve.

  3. steverossman says:

    Thanks, John!! Actually, what’s great are the sculptures themselves. I just try hard to get out of the way and let the viewers really see the objects/art. Glad you like what you see.

    It was wonderful to see you at Christmas, John. We had a great time.

  4. janspencley says:

    Where have I been? Raven now Red (I like the name). These guys are wonderful. Must speak to Jonna. Where have I been. Great photos Steve. xoxoxoxoxo Jan

  5. Ruth Kuroda says:

    Yea Red is completed! Photos of both birds look awesome! They are so much to look at! Hugs ;-)Ruth

  6. Major cool for a major cool guy!!!!

    • steverossman says:

      I’m assuming the “major cool guy” is Red. And I whole heartedly agree. He’s really taken to living on my office desk.

      Hope your holidays were wonderful! All the best in the new year! Let’s set up a lunch, Judith! You’re so close and it’s been way too long!

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