Climbing back into the saddle…

It’s been way too long since I last posted.  The reasons are all positive.  The tradeshow side of my little photo business has been growing nicely and, consequently, I’ve been as busy as can be.  But it’s more than that.  As with almost anything, once you get out of the habit, climbing back into the saddle can be hard.  All of a sudden, you can’t find time to do those things you really enjoy doing.

There’s much to talk about, so let’s do a little bit of a round up…

First, I’ll be teaching “Photography for Jewelry Designers” again on Saturday, November 22, at San Diego Continuing Education’s West City campus in Point Loma.  This will be my last class for at least 6 months, so if you’re interested, now’s the time.  There’s still some room left.  You can sign up at the SDCCD Website by clicking here.

Great friend (…amazing metalsmith and cancer survivor) Pauline Warg just spent 6 days with us and taught 2 classes in Jonna Faulkner’s studio.  She’s a wonderful, generous teacher.  As importantly, Pauline has started a crowd-funding project that supports cancer patients and survivors and honors personal achievement.  The project is fARTlek Jewelry (funny name… very worthy cause.)  Learn more by clicking here.  Pauline is nearly 75% of the way to her goal, with 8 days left to fund.  Visit the page.  Watch the video.  Contribute, if you can.

And, as mentioned on more than one occasion, I’m genetically incapable of writing a post without including photos.  So here are a few pieces of student work from a recent “goldie bronze cuffs” class, taught by Jonna.  The work is by Sharan Merchant and Kathy Cook. The work that comes out of these classes is stunning.

Just for good measure, I’ve included a couple of Jonna’s cuffs as well…

Butterfly Goldie Bronze Cuff by Sharan Merchant.  Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

“Dragonfly” Goldie Bronze cuff by Sharan Merchant

By the Sea Goldie Bronze Cuff by Kathy Cook.  Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

“By the Sea” Goldie Bronze Cuff by Kathy Cook

Autumn Leaves Cuff by Jonna Faulkner.  Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

“Autumn Leaves” Goldie Bronze Cuff by Jonna Faulkner
Petroglyph Goldie Bronze Cuff by Jonna Faulkner.  Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman“Petroglyph” Goldie Bronze Cuff by Jonna Faulkner

And a shot taken on Halloween with my iPhone.

Halloween witch and dad.  Scary iPhone photography by Steve Rossman

Just one of our 870 trick or treaters this Halloween…really.

Belated boo!

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10 Responses to Climbing back into the saddle…

  1. Bill Schroder says:

    Good news, generous dedication to a good cause, and fine art- what more could we ask?!

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks John! Glad you enjoyed. Jonna’s doing gorgeous work. So are her students!

  3. Judith Moore says:

    It’s so nice to have you back, Steve! I’m glad you were missing for all the right reasons! As usual, my two favorite cuffs are Jonna’s bronze “By the Sea” and “Autumn Leaves!” What a master she is! I had no idea of Pauline’s challenge. I took her first class given here in San Diego in our old Pt. Loma Campus classroom. Sat right next to her and had the pleasure of getting to know her beyond the student level. I’m so delighted to hear of her personal journey and success with her cancer challenge. She is an extraordinary woman.

    Good luck with your class at Pt. Loma Campus. I’m glad your other projects are going so well. I fondly think of you and Jonna often. Love, Judith

  4. steverossman says:

    Thanks so much Judith!!

    I’m sure Jonna would love to take the credit ;o) but “By the Sea” was actually designed and created by Kathy Cook, a wonderful artist and student.

    Pauline is doing well. She’s an inspiration, in her technical mastery of metal and tools, her artistic expression, and her spirit. We love having her here with us. She’s up in Orange County now, just finishing up teaching there.

    Be well Judith! Hope to see you both soon.

    Love –

  5. Rob Fitzgerrell says:

    Such beautiful work, I just love it!! Photos aren’t bad either, Steve. Jonna, petroglyph really gets it for me!

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