The Butterflies are coming! The Butterflies are coming!

Every year, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park sponsors a “Butterfly Jungle” event.  This year, the dates are April 5 through April 27.  It’s really a wonderful sight to behold…thousands of butterflies in a huge walk-through glass cube.  Butterflies come as close as you like, even landing all over the visitors.  If you plan on going, try to get there early in April. These are not long-lived creatures and, by the end of the month, the numbers are substantially less than at the beginning.  I know because we are very long-time zoo members, and I go back to see and shoot the butterflies multiple times throughout the month (we live  5 miles from the front gate of the park.)  Also, the lines can be long to get into the “Jungle,” so get there as early in the day as you can.  There is a fairly hefty admission price for the park itself, but the Butterfly Jungle is free once you’ve paid to get into the park.  Annual membership fees are reasonable and give you access to both Zoo and Safari Park.  I look at it as cheap entertainment and exercise,  and visit frequently throughout the year.  Truth be told, with all the research and good work they do, I think the zoo is an important organization to support.

Here are some shots from last year’s event.  Yeah, the last photo is Jonna with a little buddy.  All photos were taken with a Nikon D300 camera and Nikkor 60mm Micro lens.

We’ll be at the front gate of the park at 9:00am on April 5th!  Maybe we’ll see you there!


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Paper Kite Butterfly.  Photography by Steve RossmanGiant_Owl_Butterfly_with_Tattered_Wings.  Photography by Steve RossmanWhite linen Butterfly.  Photography by Steve RossmanOrange Julia Butterfly-vey close. Photography by Steve RossmanVarigated Butterfly. Photography by Steve RossmanJonna and Buddy  at the butterfly Jungle.  Photography ny Steve Rossman

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6 Responses to The Butterflies are coming! The Butterflies are coming!

  1. Ruth Kuroda says:

    Great close up photos. We are so lucky in this area to be able to see this exhibit.

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks Ruth! You bet. We are lucky! Hope you’re both well. s.

  3. John says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Steve!!!!

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