Here are a few photos that I’ve been wanting to post for about a week.

The very first time we saw our home on Juniper Street in old Escondido, the jasmine was blooming in all its glory and the roses were extravagant as well.  We hadn’t set foot inside the front door, but already knew we wanted this place to be our home.

I wish the tech world were farther along with “smell-o-vision” because you can’t imagine how truly amazing the fragrance is when you pass under our ached gateway/pergola.

Jasmine-Promise-2-8-14Promise – February 8, 2014

Jasmine-Promise Fulfilled-2-22-14

Fulfilled – February 22, 2014

The roses aren’t much yet, because we’ve cut them way back in hopes of an even better display a little later in the season.  But the freesias are spectacular!



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6 Responses to Promise…fulfilled

  1. Jeri says:


  2. Ruth Kuroda says:


  3. Helen Cooper says:

    Your home reminds me of the home I expect to find in a fairy tale. So lovely and so happy it has love within its walls. It’s the love that fertilizes your garden every day and the reason for such an abundance of sweet fragrant flowers. Live in love and peace each day and your garden spreads to all.

  4. steverossman says:

    Thanks Helen! Can I ask how you found my website?

  5. Sue Minnock says:

    Beautiful! With those pics and your reply, I did smell them!

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