Vanessa Backer’s Newly Re-designed Website

Figurative sculptor, ceramicist, jewelry maker, artist (and one of our dearest friends) Vanessa Backer has just completed a massive re-design of her website and added lots of new work.

Her web address is

I was delighted to be asked to photograph much of her new work.  All of it is whimsical and beautiful. Here’s a small sampling.  For a wider view, go see the site for yourself.


steve sig

Baby by Vanessa Backer.  Photography by Steve Rossman

Baby (Detail)

Birds_Nest_Bowls_with_Nest-Detail-72Final Nesting Place (Detail with nest)Queens_Discuss_Matters_of_Importance-1-700x700x72

Queens Discuss Matters of Importance


Sophie’s Garden

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3 Responses to Vanessa Backer’s Newly Re-designed Website

  1. John says:

    WOW!!!! What wonderful and ingenious work Vanessa is doing.

  2. steverossman says:

    You bet! Thanks, John!

  3. Helen Cooper says:

    Her work gives me laughter and puts a smile on my face. Not many are so talented. I bet you enjoy the time you spend photographing it for your work is amazing with this artist. Thank you for sharing her!

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