New Format for Jewelry Photography Class

It’s that time of year, again.

I’m teaching Jewelry Photography at San Diego Continuing Education’s Point Loma/West City Center campus.  This term, the format has changed.  Pretty dramatically.

In the past, I offered five consecutive Saturday morning classes.  Some people found it difficult to commit to five weeks.  So, I’ll be teaching a single, all-day (8-hour) class, covering the same information that previously had been taught over a 5-week span. This new class is coming right up.  It will be held on Saturday, February 1.

Here’s the thing…the best way to get your jewelry work published, grow your sales, and be accepted into juried competitions is to support your work with exceptional photography.  The class is designed to improve your photo work, whatever your current level of expertise.   I’ll help you to simplify the process and make it easier to capture your work!

San Diego Continuing Ed class-samples - Photos by Steve Rossman

The first, third and fifth photographs were shot in class. The artists are Carol O. Kornievsky, Shanna Thomas & Gina McGee. The second and fourth pieces are by Jonna Faulkner 

Here’s a capsule view of the schedule:

The first hour: the basics of digital photography and the best types of cameras and lenses to choose for use in the studio. We’ll also discuss making full use of the equipment you already own.

The second and third hours:  we’ll discuss basic studio lighting.  I will bring a small, commercially available “light tent” and “daylight” light fixtures. This part of the class will include a lecture and demo, shooting students’ jewelry and art objects.  So bring your work!

San Diego Continuing Ed - iphone photos by Steve Rossman

Photos were shot with an iPhone 4s. All are by Jonna Faulkner except the deer, which is a netsuke carving of unknown origin

The fourth and fifth hours:  we’ll discuss and demonstrate iPhone & smart phone photography.  We’ll use this new generation of camera phones to capture excellent images of jewelry &  objects in a tabletop studio.

The sixth hour: we’ll discuss and create In-Camera Spotlight Gradations for jewelry and small objects.  Creating a gradation background for your studio work adds depth and impact.   In this hour, we’ll explore and demonstrate a simple, but little known, method used to create in-camera spotlighting.

San Diego Continuing Ed - spotlight gradation-comparison by Steve Rossman

Photoshop gradation left —– In-Camera spotlight right

Finally, the seventh and eighth hours:  we’ll concentrate on editing your photos using Photoshop Elements.  Authors write 700-page books on photo-editing, and 10-week classes are taught on the subject.  So,  I’ll take a very different approach. Starting with an overview of the Elements desktop, I’ll limit the material discussed to the 10 basic tools I use every day when editing my work.  I’ll also show how I use these tools and simple techniques to enhance existing photos, as shown in the two images below.

San Diego Continuing Ed - photo-editing-comparison by Steve Rossman

Original photo — After simple editing

Again, this is a single day class.  The cost is just $40!  Since all handouts are in PDF format, there are no materials fees. The class is filling up nicely, but there’s still room.  You can find more info and can register online at  In fact, you MUST register online.  You cannot just show up the morning of the class anymore!

These classes will help you improve your jewelry photography skills.  I look forward to seeing you there.

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10 Responses to New Format for Jewelry Photography Class

  1. John says:

    Looks good, Steve. I hope that the students can take good notes. I would be overwhelmed by such a concentrated class.

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks!, Actually, John, they get lots of handouts on the various subjects. I’ve taught in this format before…It works out well.

  3. Delighted your teaching again, Steve, and I like your new schedule of a one day 8 hour course! If anything isn’t clear for a student, they can attend the next session too! You’re the MAN! Hugs, Judith

  4. Ron Taylor says:

    I like the format, Steve; it would work well for me as an out-of-towner. I can’t make February 1. Do you have any future dates scheduled as yet?

    • steverossman says:

      Sorry I’m so slow on the uptake. Upon returning home from Florida. I was hit by the flu! It’s been a nasty few weeks.

      I AM repeating the class, although it’s a ways off. It’s scheduled for June 7.

      Aside from the fact that I was sick as a dog, the class went well. We worked through all the material. I was worried, it’s LOT to get through. But we made it!

      Thanks for your interest, Ron. It would be great to see you there!

      Best –


  5. Elaine Green says:

    Hello Steve,   I was not able to attend your class on Feb. 1, will you be teaching it again?   Thank you,   Tara

    • steverossman says:

      Hi Tara – Absolutely! But it’s a ways off. I’ll be repeating the class on June 7.

      Aside from the fact that I was sick as a dog with a virulent strain of the flu, it went well. We worked through all the material. I was worried, it’s LOT of material to work through. But we made it! Thanks for your interest.

      Best –

  6. Helen Cooper says:

    Hello Steve, I’m still wishing someday to meet you and have the pleasure of taking your class. I can actually see how that could work now that I know you have all your classes in one day. I would love to stay in San Diego for 5 weeks but alas, not in my budget. Besides, I know I would never want to return to Florida after that. I used to live in San Diego many, many moons ago and still have her in my heart. Sorry, I regressed, back to your class…only $40 for the day! That is so reasonable and I’m sure you could command more money for such a chock full day of learning. Did you ever make a DVD or book on photographing jewelry? I know it is a lot but someday I hope you will and I plan to be the first in line for my copy.

  7. steverossman says:

    Thanks so much Helen! San Diego Community College District/Continuing Ed provides amazing value! Alas, the stresses of the current economic environment have reached the school and we have to shorten the class slightly, to 6 hours. I’ll still be able to pack an enormous amount of information into a single day, so it’s still good! I’ve thought about a tutorial series or book, but for now, there’s just too much going on. I do write a continuing “Jewelry Photography” column for Metal Clay Today magazine ( and have thought seriously about compiling and editing the series into a book. So maybe someday! Thanks again for the kind thoughts!

  8. steverossman says:

    FYI, Helen…I’m also teaching a full-day class at Metal Clay by the Bay in San Diego in September

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