A few days in New Orleans

I travelled to New Orleans this past weekend on a trade show photo assignment (more on the exhibit work in a future post).  When I shoot at shows, my first day generally starts when the show closes, around 4 or 5 in the afternoon and can go until 9 or 10 at night.  If I need to get more shooting in, I often come in at 7 each subsequent morning and shoot until the show opens, usually around 10.  What that means is that I often have much the day free to either work in my hotel (if I’m in, say, Las Vegas ;o) or get my butt out and shoot, when I’m in a place like the Big Easy!

I spent my last early morning in the French Quarter, the ancient heart of the city.

(Blindfold me, spin me around and set me down in the center of almost any major city in America and I won’t have a clue where I am.  Really.  Not true, however, in New Orleans…this a city that wears its personality on its sleeve.  It’s like nowhere else.)

Preservation Hall. iPhone photography by Steve RossmanNewOrleans storefront bottles. iPhone photography by Steve RossmanNew Orleans streetmusician kids. iPhone photography by Steve Rossman Court of the two sisters. iPhone Photo by Steve RossmanMarie Laveau.  Iphone photo by Steve RossmanThese images were all shot with my iPhone 4s. And yeah, that’s me reflected in the window behind the musician kids…

I also spent time in the Garden District, a lovely and historic neighborhood dotted with plantation buildings and southern mansions, many from the 19th century.  And it’s home to tons of antique shops and art galleries.  It’s also  where I came across the best quesadilla I’ve had in forever (at Juan’s Flying Burrito, a “Creole Taqueria!”).  And that says a lot — I’m from San Diego, where we’re serious about our quesos and our dillas.

Juans Flying Burrito.

Finally, I took a long walk around the Audobon Zoo, which has a great collection, but also has some terrific faux stone carvings honoring Asian and  Maya traditions.  I like shooting this kind of detail work as inspiration for Jonna’s jewelry design.

Audobon Zoo carving collage.  Photos by  Steve Rossman

The grid of nine detail photos above were shot with my iPhone 4s, which is especially good for close work.

Truth be told, though, I love shooting animals.  Quite frankly, they’re the reason I wanted to publish this post in the first place.  So why did I leave them to last?  Who knows?

Midnight jaguarWhite pelican - Audobon Zoo. Photography by Steve Rossman

Leopard and pelican were both shot with my Nikon D300 and a 200mm long lens.

Enjoy!steve sig

p.s.  One last note, it so happens that the book I was reading on this trip was a Dave Robicheaux mystery by James Lee Burke.  Which was perfect, because many of his books are set in Louisiana.  If you haven’t read Burke, in terms of prose style, IMHO, he’s the best mystery writer working today.  Bar none.  s

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5 Responses to A few days in New Orleans

  1. Bonnie Brors says:

    Wow, Steve! These are wonderful! Seeing them brings back great memories of visiting New Orleans on the weekends (when I lived in Houston in my twenties…gee, that sounds old 🙂 The photos are just beautiful…thank you for posting.

  2. John says:

    Thanks for these great pictures, Steve.

  3. steverossman says:

    Thanks Bonnie! Thanks John! It was a terrific trip! Best – steve

  4. Judith Moore says:

    Once again, you leave me speechless, Steve. I loved revisiting New Orleans through your eyes. I see things I missed on my other trips! You capture the very essence of the historical feel and flavor of one of my favorite cities! Thanks you for sharing, dear one.

    • steverossman says:

      It’s one of my favorite cities, too, Judith!

      Not unlike photographing jewelry, when the subject is amazing, it’s easier to get shots that work. Thanks, as ever, for the great comments. s

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