I’ve turned into an iHomebody … iPhone photos

Strange.  For 26 years, we lived in a very nice home near the coast.  And while I loved the house and neighborhood, I rarely, if ever, felt the urge to grab my camera and photograph our home, yard or close-in environs.

Not true here in Escondido. Almost every day, some detail of the house, yard or neighborhood catches my eye.  Most days, I  don’t feel the need to go farther than a hundred feet from our door for inspiration.

Stained Glass Window Detail - iPhone photography by Steve Rossman

Color Study. Extreme close-up of our front door’s stained glass window.

Which is great, because, for too many years, I didn’t even think about pulling out a camera until I was at least 25 miles from home.  (I think it’s some kind of unwritten rule or, worse, debilitating syndrome)  Truth be told, often it wasn’t until I was on vacation that the beloved camera was officially hauled out and dusted off.

Parisian mannequin. Photography by Steve Rossman

Small French mannequin, found during a marathon all-day stroll around Paris, now gracing our living room

701-S Juniper - Yard_and_Porch - iPhone photography by Steve Rossman

No matter what the temperature, it’s always 15 degrees cooler under the canopy of our glorious Chinese elms

I think there are two change agents at play.  One, clearly, is this wonderful old house and neighborhood.  The other is the advent of iPhones (at least, in my life).  The phone I’ve got with me 24/7 is a pretty damn good camera, too.  So I suspect I’m closer to being part of a trend than I’d like to admit.

These shots were taken with my iPhone.  It’s become my de facto “walk-around” camera. My Nikon lives in my studio (or on my tripod at tradeshow photo shoots), but my iPhone lives in my pocket.  I freely admit that, while from time to time I’ll run home for my “real” camera, those instances are becoming fewer and farther between.  That’s okay by me.

This last shot is the farthest afield..three whole blocks from our door (albeit two of them are up a pretty steep hill!). It’s a flowering pear on a long street lined with beautiful trees that turn the neighborhood even more lovely in the spring.

Backlit Flowering Pear. Photography by Steve Rossman.

Backlit Flowering Pear on 5th Avenue, Escondido

All images were shot with an iPhone 4s, using the native “Camera” app.  Very minimal editing (mostly sizing and cropping) was accomplished in Photoshop CS6.


steve sig

p.s. If this post is strewn with typos and grammatical/structural awkwardnesses, mea culpa…Jonna is away teaching!  The problems are all mine. s

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5 Responses to I’ve turned into an iHomebody … iPhone photos

  1. John says:

    Great pictures, Steve!!!!

  2. Kay Teeters says:

    I love my iPhone 4s. I think it’s wonderful that a great camera can even make phone calls.

  3. Sorry for my incredibly slow response. I was showing a friend the site today, and realized you had commented.

    Anyway, someone said to me recently, “I just got a great new camera. It came with a phone attached.” I’ll be teaching a class at SDCE next month on iPhone and SmartPhone photography. Should be fun.

    It was wonderful to see you at MCBTB!

  4. Angie says:

    Love the pictures Steve there amazing and beautiful photos !
    my 3 year old grandson is taking beautiful pictures with my IPhone already! don’t think I could live without it now.

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