Steampunk Raven

Barbara Whitehill recently taught Jonna to build a stuffed fabric raven.  Sewing was involved.  And yet, amazingly, Jonna hung in there.  The “steampunk” design was Barbara’s.

Jonna hasn’t picked a name out yet, and is looking forward to adding more embellishments.  I think he’s pretty cool.

Faulkner-Whitehill -Steampunk Raven

Shot in my little Escondido studio (last night!) with a Nikon D300 camera, Nikkor 60mm macro (close-up) lens and a single LED light panel, hand-held about 30 inches from the 10″ tall feathered beast.

steve sig

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4 Responses to Steampunk Raven

  1. John says:

    Pretty neat. Good for Jonna.

  2. I thought so, too. Thanks John!

  3. Steve…so glad you and Jonna are living your creative passion! It’s so joyful….I love the raven! Let me know when you need an assistant! 😉

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