Ahoy Matey! Arrrrgh!

Things are heating up on the tradeshow side of my photo business.  Which is good.  I love shooting at shows.  Love seeing excellence in design and marketing.  Love experiencing new builds.   More than anything, I love watching show aisles fill with attendees. Without them, the enormous effort made by exhibitors and their builders just isn’t worth making. For the past year, I’ve seen growing numbers of attendees in the aisles of every show I shoot.  If trade shows are a leading economic indicator (and I believe they are) then we have even more proof that the economy is improving.

Award-winning exhibit designer, marketer and producer ProExhibits, headquartered in San Jose, CA, has allowed me to document their work ever since I first hung out my shingle as a tradeshow photographer.  And their work  is outstanding! Just check out the recent project shown here.

Rent.com is the nation’s #1 internet listing site for rental housing.  Their 2013 exhibit at the National Apartment Association show was original, strikingly creative, great fun and beautifully constructed.  The “Pirate” theme was perfectly consistent, from overall design to show promotions to the skulls and crossbones, costuming and scattered loot.  And, oh, the shark!!

ProExh-Rentdotcom-Entry Arch-Tradeshow photography by Steve Rossman

Rent.com Entry Arch by ProExhibits

You can click on any of the thumbnails below to see a gallery of full sized images.

A design like this jumps out and grabs you.  I’m convinced that companies with the  vision to have fun and still be consummately professional will succeed wildly.  That’s true for exhibit designers and marketers as well.

This small portfolio typifies how I work at shows. I always shoot multiple views, often replicating the renderings made by the design firm.  I capture large vistas and small details.  And I even take a moment to gather and photograph the booth staff, if they’re game.

So who says serious business can’t be great fun?

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2 Responses to Ahoy Matey! Arrrrgh!

  1. John says:

    Hi Steve,
    Although you provided us with a wonderful demonstration at my house on how you go about making visual records of exhibits, I still enjoyed this presentation.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks John! I’d forgotten that I was working on show photos while we were up for the wedding. Glad you enjoyed the finished images. Hope you’re doing well. It was terrific, as ever, to see you! Just sorry it was so short!

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