Comfort Village

Wonderful friend Linda Ardell Wendfelt has created Comfort Village, a non-profit corporation whose vision is to bring comfort to others through her photography and her life experience.

Linda is a wife, mother, grandmother, photographer and founder of MEND — Mothers Embracing Nuclear Disarmament.  She is ably assisted in this mission by her caring, supportive and brilliant husband, Steve Wendfeldt, an Episcopal priest here in San Diego.

Linda & Steve believe there is a profound need in today’s world to show greater compassion and respect for one another and the environment. Her love of photography evolved into creating photo cards accompanied by personal messages that have touched the lives of many by providing comfort, encouragement, joy and hope in times of stress, pain, suffering or loss.

iComfortVillage cards and tins. Card Photography by Linda Ardell Wendfeldt. Studio Photography by Steve Rossman

iComfortVillage is the online home for Comfort Village.  It’s a place you can visit for the encouragement and inspiration sometimes needed to meet life’s challenges.  Linda & Steve believe a wave of positive change in the world can occur from a single life being touched by human kindness and compassion.

Comfort Village is focusing its 2013  efforts on a variety of venues, the first of which is helping members of the military and their families by supporting wounded warriors; our troops in Afganistan; VA hospital chaplains; the USO; the Station Foundation for Military Families; and the Military Chaplain’s Association.  In addition, they support hospitals and hospices, and, in fact, have sent decks to the first responders in Newtown Connecticut.  Other efforts are in development.

While Linda is a photographer of immense talent, I was asked to shoot studio photos of her cards.  It was an honor and pleasure to do so.  It meant that I got to spend even more time with these gorgeous images and words of wisdom.

iComfortVillage cards and tins.  Card Photography by Linda Ardell Wendfeldt.  Studio Photography by Steve RossmanI urge you to visit  There is much to see and to do.  You’ll be touched by what you find there.  And, they can use our support to help others in need.  This is a road well worth travelling!

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  1. John says:

    Very interesting, Steve.

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