A New Website for The Westreich Foundation

Ruth Westreich is a gifted artist in many media, a leader in the fields of wellness and literacy, and a dedicated philanthropist.

Almost a year ago, I had the opportunity to photograph quite a bit of Ruth’s gorgeous jewelry and then to create an artist’s website for her  at www.ruthwestreichtheartist.com.  She was pleased with the result, especially because she could manage her site without having to know any special coding language.

At the time, Ruth had a traditional site for The Westreich Foundation, an initiative-based foundation she established to further advances in health & wellness, education & literacy, and leadership.  While Ruth was happy with the overall look of the existing site, she wanted to be able to manage the foundation’s web home as she could with her new artist’s site.

Ruth asked me to re-design and re-build www.thewestreichfoundation.org from the ground up, preserving much of its original “look & feel,” while refreshing it as needed and making it an easier site to manage.  It was a wonderful challenge.

TWF Website designed by Steve Rossman Photo + Marketing.

Click on the image above to visit http://www.thewestreichfoundation.org

As many of you know, the sites I build are created using WordPress.  Generally, the process starts with choosing a theme and then customizing fonts, layout and content.  To accomplish Ruth’s goals, however, we needed a considerably higher level of custom building.  To that end, I brought in a terrific freelance coder named Harry Hamernick.  We worked closely together to create a custom site that enjoys the manageability of WordPress with all of the features and content layers of her older site.

I’m proud to show the results.  While the process was more involved than any of us had expected, the end result was all that we had hoped for.  I urge you to take a look.   Ruth has established a truly generous entity to help make the world a better place.

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