Go Only As Fast As Your Slowest Part Feels Safe To Go

I want to tell you about a wonderful new book, Go Only As Fast As Your Slowest Part Feels Safe To Go, by Robyn L. Posin.  It was published earlier today and is available on CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

To quote from her bio, Robyn “has dedicated her life, work, art and writing to healing and helping others heal from the harshness that our crazy-making world visits upon all of us, particularly upon women.”

Many years ago, during a visit to her cottage home in an orange grove outside Ojai, CA, I shot a photo of a cherished “grandmothers” altar on her window sill.  I’m totally floored and honored that Robyn used this photo as the cover for her book.  Robyn Posin is the kindest, gentlest and smartest person I know (don’t get me started!) and is a psychologist working out of Ojai.

ast as Your Slowest Part Feels Safe to Go. Photo by Steve Rossman

You can learn more and purchase her book at CreateSpace.  It’s also available directly from Amazon.  I’ve seen an advance copy, and it’s wonderful.  Can’t wait to read it cover-to-cover!  I’ve been following Robyn’s monthly musings for many years at www.forthelittleonesinside.com.

From the review on the CreateSpace page: “Unlike most psychologist-authors, Robyn L. Posin, Ph.D. (licensed to practice since 1966) has used stories from her own life rather than those from the lives of clients she has helped to heal.  Her life experience is testimony to the possibility of transforming even the most virulent inner critic into a gentle ally.”

You can also learn more on www.compassionateink.com.   While there,  Robyn’s collection of notes, post & poster cards and amulets are available to explore and/or purchase.

And you can follow her on Twitter @RobynPosin.  Is she plugged in or what?

Robyn is my dear cousin.  She has been a true friend and mentor to both Jonna and me for longer than we can remember.

This book is, in many ways, a culmination of her life’s work.  We urge you to take a look.

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