Happy Belated Birthday, Leo!

No funny hats.  No parties.  No dog-friendly birthday cakes.  Just another in a series of good days that date back six plus years to the day a good friend dragged us up to Olivenhain, saying, “I found a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who’s had a tough life, so far, and needs a good home.  And you guys need a good dog!”

According to the paperwork we got when Leo adopted us, he turned 10 years old yesterday, on February 1.

winsome Leo - 700x72Leo and Jonna - 700x72Spirit of Leo - sunshines - A field of lighter Leos

So Happy Birthday Leo!  Rescue dogs rock!

steve sig

p.s.  The third “sunshines” pic is from a series I created called, “The Spirit of Leo.”  It’s a longish story and therefore fodder for another post.

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7 Responses to Happy Belated Birthday, Leo!

  1. Happy Birthday Leo! XOXOXO Ann


  2. William E Schroder says:

    And Many Happy Returns!!!!!
    xox, B&Elias

  3. Lynn Moon says:

    The look in your eyes tells a wonderful story of character and contentment. A happy celebration of your special life. Lynn

  4. Ruth Kuroda says:

    It’s the love Leo receives that gets his birthdays coming each year.
    Have a good, healthy year Leo. Pet, pet, pet, and rub behind the ears. 😉 Ruth K

  5. Helen Cooper says:

    Yes, who rescues who? I’m so thankful Leo had God watching out for him when He brought you together. Rescued dogs are the best for they are so thankful for the love they pay it back to us tenfold in love and kisses. Who could ask for more?

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