Autumn in Escondido redux. Who doesn’t love fall?

For the last few weeks I’ve been committed to getting out every day and shooting, even if it’s just a single image a day.  While I started this “program” as a means of shooting more photographs (with the added benefit of getting more walking exercise, too), the good news and the bad news is that I find that I’m getting most of my work done literally within steps of our Escondido home.  Perhaps I’ll re-join a gym…

It’s funny…we moved less than 30 miles north and east from the Pacific coast to an inland valley,  but the temps and weather  have changed more dramatically than I ever would have guessed.  Summers are hotter, winters are cooler, and we actually have fall!  Who doesn’t love fall?

Californmia pepper tree - night

So here’s the fun part, this shot was handheld at midnight with my trusty little iPhone 4s.  No flash.  No tripod.  So I was particularly pleased with the outcome.  The light was provided by a streetlamp slightly above and behind the trunk of this beautiful California Pepper tree.  I have to tell you…I continue to be amazed by the image quality this camera can produce.

front yard - fall - escondido - photography by Steve RossmanThis, too, was shot just steps from our front door.  But early on a misty morning.  Also with the iPhone 4s.  Also hand held.   Also with the sun positioned directly behind the trunk of a tree.  This time it’s my favorite Chinese Elm.

This has definitely become my “walk-around” camera.  I read recently that the iPhone has become the most used camera on the planet.  I understand why.

A friend said to us recently, “I bought a camera and a phone came attached!”
Ain’t that the truth!

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8 Responses to Autumn in Escondido redux. Who doesn’t love fall?

  1. Diana Skall says:

    Great pictures Steve, thanks so much for sharing. Love and regards to Jonna:-)

  2. Dawnmarie says:

    I couldn’t agree more Steve! I have taken a lot of photo’s with my I-Phone 4S and am amazed at the quality. Thanks for these beautiful “fall” photos. I am from the midwest and am in Arizona right now…don’t get me wrong, I love the nice temps but oh how I missed the gorgeous colorful leaves as we used to drive to an apple orchard every year…fantastic!

    • steverossman says:

      Thanks Dawnmarie! We’ve been in the San Diego area for 30+ years, and lived, for most of that time, less than 2 miles from the ocean. Early on, we planted a Liquidamber (or, “fake maple”, as we liked to call it) and a weeping birch just to have some color in the yard. We missed fall colors. So one of the real treats we discovered when we moved up to Escondido was the plethora of deciduous trees and therefore fall the area. s.

  3. Gil says:

    Thank you for sharing the photos. You have a definite talent. I have been enjoying our liquid amber trees changing colors as well as the morning fog that visits our valley this time of year. Good subjects to start with. I aspire to be one percent of the photographer that you are, but I won’t get better without practice. If I get anything that isn’t embarrassing I’ll send you a copy.


    • steverossman says:

      Hey Gil – knowing how immensely talented you are (your metalsmithing tools are exquisite pieces of functional art), I have no doubt that your photo work will be excellent. How about you, Jim and I getting out into the wilds sometime soon for a “walk & shoot?”

  4. says:

    Love your photos, Steve! I’ll be in San Diego/Oceanside from 12/13-18 visiting family and friends and would love to see you and Johnna if you have time! Della 979/530-2275.

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