Jonna Faulkner’s Moondream pendant

It’s been too long since I published new jewelry work.

Jonna has long been interested in moon faces.  And she’s been loving a new form of “Goldie Bronze” metal clay that creates soft and warm gold tones.  So it should surprise no one that, of late, she’s locked herself in the studio and has been feverishly cooking up new work with this new material — all to gorgeous effect.

Her Moondreams pendant is the latest example of a class she’ll be teaching this coming weekend. And there’s still room in the class.  If you’re interested, just click here for more info, or to register.

The Moondream photo was shot in my Escondido studio, with a 60mm prime Nikkor micro lens mounted on a Nikon D300 camera.  Softbox lighting was used, along with reflectors above and below.

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4 Responses to Jonna Faulkner’s Moondream pendant

  1. John says:

    Beautiful pendant, beautifully photographed.
    John F.

  2. I sooooo love this new form of “Goldie Bronze” metal clay! Once again, Jonna has outdone herself with another treasure upon which to feast! I’ll be there when she teaches more of this new form of metal clay in the future! As John said, Beautiful pendant, beautifully photographed!”

  3. steverossman says:

    Thanks again, Judith! So good to hear from you. Jonna sends her love, as do I.

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