Getting one’s ducks in a row

As I was browsing ancient shots for my “Thanksgiving” post the other day, I came across this image, which I hadn’t looked at in many years, and which Jonna had never seen at all.   But loved at first sight.  So here it is, in all its all its simplicity…

Ducks in a row in Melbourne England.  Photography by Steve Rossman.

Shot in Melbourne, England back around 2002, or so, at a time when our exhibit company had an office in Cambridgeshire.  Every workday that it wasn’t pouring (and some days when it was), I’d walk this idyllic little village at sunrise, watching the town awaken.  Always one of my favorite activities wherever I travel.

If memory serves, this was shot with one of the very earliest Canon Powershot cameras, boasting 3.0 megapixels!  The compact flash held 32mb!  (They’re up to about a gazillion today).  I downloaded to my laptop every night.

Hope it cheers your day, as it did ours.

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4 Responses to Getting one’s ducks in a row

  1. janspencley says:

    Love it – and you two. Jan

  2. John says:

    Hi, Steve. I agree with Jonna. This is an intriguing picture.

    John F.

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