Fused Crystal and Dichroic Glass Pendant by Kenneth Banks

Ken Banks is an extremely talented Native American glass and jewelry artist of Kumeyaay descent.  He’s a member of the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel and has lived in the San Diego area all his life.

The pendant is fused crystal and dichroic glass, which is ground, polished (cabochon style) and frosted.  The silver bale is hand-made.  Overall, the pendant measures 2-1/8″ long.  The piece was made in July of this year.  It grew out of a series that he calls Flinted or Arrowhead crystal, which is chipped or knapped  the way arrowheads are made. Flinted/Arrowhead crystal is rugged and has abstract facets.  Ken’s desire for a smooth, graceful surface for this piece led him to cabochon-making techniques.

The result is a gorgeous, glowing pendant.

This photo was taken during one of my San Diego Continuing Education Jewelry Photography classes.   It was shot in a portable studio, in a room with difficult lighting challenges (a wall of light coming through the windows).  The camera was a Nikon D300 and the lens a Nikkor 60mm micro.

You can see more of Ken’s work (and read his amazing bio) at www.kennethbanksart.com and visit his online shop at www.etsy.com/shop/kennethbanks.

And those who are interested in my SDCE Jewelry Photography classes may want to pencil in Saturday, September 29.  That’s the start of the next series of four classes.  More on this as we get closer to the start date.

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