A Piece of the Sky

A personal connection led me to visit the Idyllwild Arts campus last summer.

Idyllwild is a thoroughly delightful, rustic mountain town just over 2 hours north and east of San Diego.  During my visit, I was enthralled by a massive tent that covers a grassy area used for outdoor concerts, lectures and other events at the school.

Idyllwild theatre tent - a piece of the sky. Photography by Steve Rossman

I love the sensous folds of the fabric.  This is a constantly-shifting structure that I could gaze up at for hours.

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6 Responses to A Piece of the Sky

  1. What a truly amazing photo. You can almost feel the wind blow, making the tent shift in every-changing ways. Love it!

  2. Steve, you never crease to amaze me with your connection and capture of the beauty of nature and its surroundings. I’m very moved.

    • steverossman says:

      Sorry I was a little slow on the uptake…and thanks for the comment! Re: your response to Connie, does this mean that you remember the tent as white? If so, I really do have to check my color-blindness quotient!!

  3. Connie Fox says:

    The subtle color changes in the tent material are fascinating. My recollection of having seen the tent is that it is all white. Just goes to show you what a camera and a good cameraman can bring to our attention.

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