La Jolla Shores color studies

Here are two completely different color studies, of sorts, both taken on the same early morning in the fall at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla.  The pier was shot at the very beginning of the outing and the blossoms, an hour or so later, when I was heading back to the car for the (now) longish drive back home to Escondido.

While the two are incredibly dissimilar, they were shot together and have always been paired in my mind.

Scripps pier color study. Photography by Steve Rossman.

The dying blossoms were shot on a tripod with a Nikkor 60mm micro (close-up) lens on a Nikon D300 camera.  Scripps Pier was shot, hand-held, just moments before sunrise with a 12-24mm wide-angle zoom lens.  Same camera.

La Jolla Shores beach never lets me down.

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4 Responses to La Jolla Shores color studies

  1. linda Wendfeldt says:

    Amazing, Steve!

  2. Bonnie Brors says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Steve!

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