Metal Clay Today’s Summer 2012 issue

The latest issue of the terrific e-magazine, Metal Clay Today has been out for a few days and looks great!

As ever, Tes Shea, Arli Wolfson and Lori Phillips did an amazing job.  This month features a cover story on the talented Tim McCreight, as well as a “Rising Star” profile on good friend Linda Jean.  Many other gifted artists are represented.

MCT has developed an innovative distribution and subscription model.  You can go to the website ( and, for free, view selected features and articles and get a good idea of the magazine’s range, quality and style.  For a very reasonable charge, viewers can subscribe and read the full magazine.  And MCT “sweetened  the pie” by offering one-year subscribers a free Gordon Uyehara set of limited edition texture stamps. Anyone who works with metal clay understands the value of the offer.

As I have for the past two years, I provided an article on jewelry photography.  For this issue, it’s a discussion on image sizing requirements for digital and print applications.

So take a look.  The folks at Metal Clay Today work continuously to inform and educate the metal clay community.  They’re doing a great job at it.

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