New series of Jewelry Photography classes starting on June 30th

For anyone who’s interested, my latest series of Jewelry Photography classes starts Saturday, June 30, at the West City Center campus of San Diego Continuing Education.  The series includes four separate sessions that run from 9 am to 12 pm on Saturday mornings.  All classes are in Room 210.  Each class costs just $15. Handouts are emailed as PDFs, so there are no materials fees.

Hollow form pendant by Karen Cloutman; Bead necklace by Laurie Spar; Mokume-gane ring by Lauren King.
The three photos are by Steve Rossman.

In the first session on June 30, I’ll discuss the basics of digital photography and concentrate on preferred cameras, lenses and equipment. 

The class on July 7 will feature a small, commercially-available light tent to explore ways to light your work.  There will also be  a discussion of white balance, which is the best way to achieve true colors.  I’ll shoot a few jewelry pieces as well.

For the third session on July 21, a portable studio will be set-up that provides more control of the light on your jewelry.  Again, I’ll  shoot some students’ jewelry pieces.

Finally, the July 28 class will focus on an introduction to digital photo-editing using Photoshop Elements.  Together, we’ll walk-through the desktop environment then discuss 10 editing tools I use every day in my own work.  This will include sizing, cropping, brightening, sharpening, rotating, color correction, adding text, adding a gradient background and more.

Important note:  SDCE Community Education has changed to an online registration system.  This is great!  It’s an easier and more reliable process for students.  For a complete explanation of the new registration process, link to the Community Education page of San Diego Continuing Education by clicking here.

To find full descriptions of my classes and to register, go to the course summaries by clicking here.

Each class is a single 3-hour session.  You can sign up for one, two, three, or all four classes. Each class is $15.   Again, there are no materials fees.

If you’ve been  interested in improving your jewelry photography, whatever your current skill level, I urge you to sign up early!

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