A Cool All NEW Website for Jonna Faulkner!

Here’s the post I’ve been waiting to write!  (And the reason I’ve been quiet recently.)

I’ve created an all new website and showcase for Jonna’s work.  While it still retains the same www.jonnafaulkner.com address, every bit of the site is new.

New work.  New class schedule.  Many new photos.  Many new links.  But most importantly, there’s an all new blog  that Jonna has committed to writing, and (drumroll!!) a direct link from her site to her new Etsy shop!

This is a big deal.  Everyone I’ve worked with to create web sites has shown great interest in selling online in the foreseeable future.   WordPress (the platform which forms the base for the websites I design & build) does NOT support eCommerce.  However, I’ve worked out a way to link directly from the WordPress top menu to Jonna’s new Etsy site.  Because the headers for both sites are designed to reflect and complement each other, the user experience is, as they say, seamless.

And Jonna’s excited for another reason, too.  Since this is a WordPress website, she’ll be able to maintain all of the content herself.  She can update her class schedules, add blog posts, mount photos, add links and even add or subtract web pages…whenever she wants.

If you’re interested in a site like Jonna’s — one that you can manage yourself — let’s talk.  It’s easy and inexpensive to do.

Take a look below to see how her new homepage looks.  Then click anywhere on the image.  It will take you straight to the website.  I think you’ll like what you see…

And please remember to subscribe.  Jonna’s a wonderful teacher and writer, and she’s excited about communicating and interacting with you in this forum.

Jonna's new Home page. Site designed and built by Steve Rossman.

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One Response to A Cool All NEW Website for Jonna Faulkner!

  1. Kim says:

    I’m so glad that I saw this; Jonna’s new website is an inspiration, congratulations!

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