Roanoke VA, circa 1975

Two photos, shot in the early morning at the Roanoke Virginia farmer’s market circa 1975.

Roanoke Farmer circa 1975. Photography by Steve Rossman

Rocky's Market.  Photography by Steve Rossman


I suspect these images, with minor modifications, could just as easily have been shot in 1949 or last week.

The first was a product of wonderful happenstance.  I was about to press the shutter when a ’55 Chevy parked a few feet down from me, its reflection a welcome addition to the scene.  I silently thanked the photo gods and pulled the trigger.

In the second, I like to think that’s Rocky himself, half in the shadows and readying his shop for the day.

For me, both are closer to short stories than they are to static images.  While I’m sure this was a completely mundane morning for the “actors” on stage, it was pure magic for me.

Both were shot with a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex camera and Tri-x film back in the day.   Converted to digital using an Epson Perfection 3170 Photo Scanner at 3200 ppi (the largest I can go without crashing my computer) in 2006.

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