Recent work by Susan Blessinger

Susan Blessinger is an artist of enormous talent.  While, in the past, she has primarily created stunning jewelry with beads, she’s recently explored working with wire mesh products as well.  Everything she touches turns to art.

Susan has shared both of these photos on her Facebook page, but I think they merit being posted here as well.  The pieces combine to  show the breadth of her talent.

Beachwalk Necklace by Susan Blessinger. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman.Beachwalk Necklace
Birdnest 2 bracelet by Susan Blessinger. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman.Birdnest 2

Both were shot in my Escondido studio with a Nikkor 85mm micro lens.

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3 Responses to Recent work by Susan Blessinger

  1. Lynn Moon says:

    Wow Steve,
    Love the way you captured the light reflexion in the necklace and still made it pop out so much with the black background. The bird nest feels uniquely intimate. I feel I can almost touch it. Once, again, the light at the bottom invites you in to want to hold it. Another great job. Lynn Moon

  2. Sue’s necklace is worthy to be worn by Cleopatra! Simply magnificent! Once again you captured it in all its excellence as you do so well! Judith

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