Roses in the rain

Our rose garden is in bloom.  We had sun showers today.

Rose in the rain 3.  Photography by Steve Rossman.Rose in the rain 1. Photography by Steve Rossman.

Rose in the rain 2. Photography by Steve Rossman.

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7 Responses to Roses in the rain

  1. Sandra Moe says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the very first rose pic. Just beautiful! Sandy

  2. Lauren King says:


  3. Oh my goodness! What beauty! It actually took my breath away! Thanks for the experience!

  4. Helen Cooper says:

    A tactile experience in the mind. Oh the beauty of the droplets on the petals. t

  5. steverossman says:

    Thanks very much…I had all this “real” work to do, walked out, saw the roses, and spent an hour in a delightful light rain. What a luxury!

  6. linda Wendfeldt says:

    Delightful, Steve!

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