Ruth Westreich’s new website

Ruth Westreich is an artist of extraordinary depth and  talent.  As a jewelry designer, painter, and photographer, she puts her own amazing stamp on any medium she approaches.

I’ve had the distinct honor of working with Ruth, not only as a photographer but also as a graphic and website designer.  Together, we’ve created an exciting new site that showcases the brilliance of Ruth’s work and the breadth of her creativity.

Website home page for Ruth Westreich.  Website design and photography by Steve Rossman

I urge you to visit Ruth at  Though she’s only been working with metal clay for a short time, you’ll be absolutely blown away by the caliber of her work.  When you view her paintings and photography, it’s easy to see why she’s such a talented jewelry designer.

The joyful spirit that manifests in her creativity also inspires all other aspects of her life, most especially in her philanthropic drive.  She really does strive to make the world a better place.

A little bit about the site itself…as many of you may know, I’ve been designing and building artists’ websites based on WordPress, an amazing  blogging platform and content management system.  I’m excited about WordPress because, once the site is built, artists (or anyone, for that matter) can manage the content of their site without knowing HTML or having to engage a webmaster or other web consultant to add new photos, posts, pages, galleries or links to their sites.  While WordPress was originally intended as blogging software, it has evolved into an effective website building system that can be tailored to individual needs.

If you’d like to know more about designing and building a WordPress, call or write me.  I’d be pleased to discuss it with you.

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