Christen Brown: Fibre Arts, Embroidery and Bead Artist

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Christen Brown is a talented  fibre arts, embroidery and bead artist in San Diego.  She’s an important designer who’s won numerous awards for her work, including clothing design.  She’s also an old friend, and in fact, was an inspiration in my wife Jonna’s early development as a jewelry artist.

Christen recently attended my Jewelry Photography class at SDCE, and we reconnected, which was great.    As a result of the class, I shot some of her gorgeous work.

Here’s my favorite quote from Christen:  “When people ask me how long something takes me to make, I tell them a lifetime, because everything we do is the sum of that experience and wonderful journey.”

Christen has a new book coming out, “Ribbonwork Gardens: The Ultimate Visual Guide to 122 Flowers, Leaves & Embellishment Extras” that will be available on on July 12.    Here’s a link to the page:  Jonna and I have already reserved our copy.  And her website is  She’s an amazing artist and teacher.

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