Fabulous Polymer Mask by Else Meek

Last summer, I was invited by Jackie Truty of Art Clay World to participate in the Metal Clay World Conference to shoot artists’ work.  By design, MCWC and the International Polymer Clay Association held simultaneous events at the hotel.  As a result, I had the opportunity to shoot a lot of wonderful pieces by artists working in both media.

Polymer Mask by Else Meek. Photography by Steve Rossman.

During the conference, polymer clay artist Else Meek asked me to shoot her gorgeous mask.  Here’s what Else has to say about her amazing work:

“This mask incorporates my favorite polymer clay techniques – those of mokume gane and mica shift – along with my love of beading.  No matter what my initial inspiration is, my finished project always surprises me as the masks usually ‘create themselves,’ which always keeps the process exciting for me.”

The shoot itself was exciting, too!  I’m used to capturing relatively small jewelry pieces.  This mask was so large that I had to set my 6 ft. tall tripod atop a hotel table, lay the mask out on a black seamless backdrop on the floor,  and shoot straight down from a distance of about 8 feet.  To be able to focus through the viewfinder, I perched a chair atop the table, and stood on the chair.  I remember thinking that I was getting way too old for this kind of stuff (and besides, I’ve always had a healthy respect for heights!)  It was worth it though.  This mask is stunning!

Else is working on a website now.  As soon as it’s complete, I’ll add her address to my ‘links’ page, and post it in the blog as well.  In the meantime, you can find her on Facebook.  She’s a treasure!

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