Holly Gage ‘repousse effects’ pendant

Wow! It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to post. There were both positive and negative reasons as to why the drought lasted so long.  It started with a “fatal” computer crash and an unexpectedly long time to restore lost files.  This, in turn, slowed down my photo and marketing work at a very busy time.  (I’ve been fortunate to have a huge number and variety of projects cross my threshold recently: jewelry and sculptural glass photography; logo design; web design; print brochure design; and trade show photography, all in the last month.  I love the diversity of projects!)

In the midst of all this, Jonna hosted a series of classes by the immensely talented Holly Gage (www.hollygage.com), who taught repoussé effects in metal clay, while her husband, gourmet chef Chris Gage, prepared spectacular lunches for attendees.

Holly Gage 'Repousse Effects' Pendant.  Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

I was told by all concerned that the classes were excellent and that Holly is inspiring.  The above photo, shot in my Escondido studio while the class was in progress, is a beautiful example of the techniques Holly shared so generously.

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2 Responses to Holly Gage ‘repousse effects’ pendant

  1. Wanaree says:

    Gorgeous!! So glad to hear everything is back up and running! I had a very minor computer melt down two months ago, and that set me back several weeks. It’s amazing how much we rely on out technology!

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