Silverlight Flowering Pear Blossoms

Here’s one more iteration of the flowering pear trees I posted a few days ago.  This image has been manipulated in Photoshop CS4 to remove color and add contrast.

I’ve been working on a portfolio titled “Silverlight Flowers” for years.  This is the latest addition to the series.

Silverlight flowering pear along 5th ave in Escondido.  Black & white photo conversion by Steve Rossman

Shot with my Nikon D300 and a 12mm to 24mm zoom lens, with the focal length set at 24mm.   I can tell you that with certainty because both Photoshop and PS Elements have a nifty feature that can be found under [file/file info] that gives you a wealth of information about image data (camera & model,  date & time, f/stop, shutter speed, lens focal length, and much more).  Here’s what the ‘dialog box’ looks like.

Flowering trees with file info.  Composite photo by Steve Rossman

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m teaching basic photography at San Diego Continuing Ed, starting next Saturday.  The last class, on March 24,  is devoted to demystifying photo editing using Photoshop Elements.  It should be fun.

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One Response to Silverlight Flowering Pear Blossoms

  1. It’s beautiful Steve – I love all your photography. It makes me wish I lived near San Diego. I could use some help in Photoshop. I tend to use the simple things that are “easy” to do but I know my jewelry would shine more if I “had the time” to look through Photoshop to see what other great things it has that would make my pictures “pop”. Would you believe I am using my Iphone now for pictures of my jewelry? It’s incredible – yes, I do have to do that little bit in Photoshop but I cannot believe how clear these pictures come out. It’s better than my Kodak EashShare!

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