Exciting News at San Diego Continuing Education

Exciting news at San Diego Continuing Education!  For more than 30 years, students were required to register in person on the first day of each class.  Beginning this quarter, SDCE Community Education has changed to an online registration system.  This is great!  Especially since we had to turn away students at the door for a recent Jewelry Photography class.

For a complete explanation of the new registration process, link to the Community Education page of San Diego Continuing Education by clicking here.

To find full descriptions of my classes and register, go to the course summaries by clicking here.

There’s good news about my own classes as well.  In the past, students had to enroll for all four sessions.  Now, we’ve  split the series, which covers the most import aspects of improving you jewelry photography, into 4 individual classes:

Photographing Jewelry: Cameras, Lenses & Equipment
Saturday 02/04/12

Photographing Jewelry: Basic Studio & Lighting 
Saturday 02/11/12

Photographing Jewelry: Advanced Studio & Lighting
Saturday 03/17/12

Photographing Jewelry: Basic Photo-Editing                     
Saturday 03/24/12

Each class is a single 3-hour session.  You can sign up for one, two, three, or all four classes. Each class is $15.  Since all handouts are now in PDF format, there will be no materials fee.

If you’ve been  interested in improving your jewelry photography, I urge you to sign up early!

See you there!

These images represent the type of photography we’ll be exploring in my classes.

Kandra Norsigian of Kandra’s Beads in Solvang, CA, created this gorgeous white lariat.
Jonna Faulkner teaches earrings of all styles in her Escondido studio.
Linda Jean of Grover Beach, CA fabricated this stunning necklace with custom-designed clasp.
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2 Responses to Exciting News at San Diego Continuing Education

  1. Karen Olson says:

    Steve, I was wondering if you will be discussing optimal camera settings in your first class on Feb 4th. I already have a camera and do not have the funds for any further purchases. Will this class be of use to me?
    Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to your second class on the 11th.
    Karen Olson

    • steverossman says:

      Hi Karen – Thanks for your interest! I absolutely will talk about optimal camera settings. The class is geared to whatever equipment you have now. While I have definite opinions on the type of camera that will yield the best results, the whole idea of the class is to help improve your photo work, no matter what camera you have. The third class, on March 17, will help with camera settings and lighting techniques as well. Hope this helps! steve

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