Night in Escondido in January

Back home in Escondido after quite a bit of travelling…it was wonderful to see family on both coasts, and it’s great to be home.

I’ve shared night photography in the past.  With the weather mild and the light dramatic, I decided to go out in the evening yesterday and do some shooting around the house.  This was actually pretty early, around 6:30 pm.  I love what’s going on in the darkening sky.

Night in Escondido in January - 701 S Juniper shooting north. Photography by Steve Rossman

Night in Escondido in January. 701 S Juniper shooting south.  Photography by Steve Rossman.

Both images were shot with a Nikon D300 camera and 15mm wide angle lens at f/11 for 6 seconds on a sturdy tripod.

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3 Responses to Night in Escondido in January

  1. kandra1 says:

    These are great shots of your house! I miss you guys and hope the very best for the new year!
    Love, Kandra

  2. Jeremy says:

    it looks like hopper’s paintings

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