Recent Jewelry by Pam Searles

Pam Searles is an amazing jewelry designer here in Escondido.

I’ve been shooting her work, and am just blown away by her creativity, iconography and style.  She incorporates beads, wire, metal, crystal and found objects into a stunningly original body of work.

4 jewelry pieces by Pam Searles.  Jewelry Photography by Steve Rossmaan


Here’s what Pam has to say about Baby in a Bottle:

“Frozen Charlotte doll was dug out of the ground in Limbach, Germany, at the site of a former doll factory. These bisque porcelain treasures date from 1860-1930. My jewelry tells a story or conveys a message. This doll’s message is  about resurrection. She was unearthed after being buried for decades, and she now has new life as the centerpiece of this necklace. If this doll could talk, what would it say to you? I want it to evoke kindness, calm, and inner peace, as you are on your journey of life. We can’t erase our past, as it is a part of who we are, where we’ve been, a marker.  Each new day is a rebirthing of us, as we navigate the uncertain paths.”

Pam tells me that “The calming properties of jade combined with the enlightened wisdom of Buddha, creates a soothing and healing necklace.” This is the second piece in the animation.

The third image of frozen Charlotte has a vintage skeleton key dangle, attached to a necklace that includes a vintage cameo finding, new and vintage beads.

Found objects are an enormous component in Pam’s jewelry. In the last piece, frozen Charlotte is wearing her crystal crown, and is nestled inside of a vintage silver-plated grapefruit spoon.  The double stranded sterling silver necklace is wire wrapped with pearls and crystals.

I’ve been helping with photo work in preparation for upcoming Etsy and websites.   I’ll link to them as soon as her sites are up and running.

All of this work was shot in my Escondido studio with a Nikon D300 camera and Nikkor 60mm macro lens.

Pam can be reached at pjsearles-at-gmail-dot-com. (I’ve deliberately used incorrect formatting in an attempt to foil crawlers and spammers.)  Contact me if you need help getting through to her.

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