Something new: Graphics and logos

Life takes us interesting places…

For 30 years, I headed up marketing for the exhibit company I helped co-found.  Upon leaving, I was hell-bent on immersing myself in photography, which had been a passion since high school.  Recently though, I’ve found myself helping clients with marketing, graphics, logo design, and web-building activities as well.  And I’m loving it.   Following are just a few projects:

Lynn Moon, whose work you’ve seen in these pages, is an artist and entrepreneur.  She’s in the process of founding a wonderful new not-for-profit organization, Art for Barks, to help support service dogs and the groups who care for these incredibly hard-working (and often under-appreciated) animals.   Starting with a great choice of typefaces from Lynn, here’s the finished logo I helped design.

Art for Barks logo. Graphic design by Lynn Moon and Steve Rossman

Ann & Stan Rosier (you’ve seen their work on these pages, too), are jewelry designers & teachers here in San Diego.  They asked me to help out with their marketing activities.  The first step was to design a new logo that reflected both their partnership and the sophistication of their work.

R' Designs logo. Graphic design by Steve Rossman

Linda Grisham Jean, whose work has also been profiled in these pages, started as a paper artist, working in a very cool art form called quilling, which uses strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create delicate, intricate and thoroughly beautiful designs.

More recently, she’s branched into other forms of paper sculpture and has become a masterful jewelry artist, with an emphasis on metal clay.

When it was time to redesign her logo, Linda wanted to retain the name by which she’d been known, while updating the look and style of her company’s identity.  Here’s the result:

Logo design by Steve Rossman Photo+Marketing

And though it doesn’t involve quilling, here’s an exquisite example of  Linda’s recent paper sculpture.

A Spot of Tea - Paper Sculpture by Linda Jean.  Photography by Steve Rossman of Escondido, CA

I still love photography.  And always will.  I’m delighted to be able to expand the ways in which I can help my clients market their work.

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8 Responses to Something new: Graphics and logos

  1. kandra1 says:

    You work is just beautiful!

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks so much Kandra! I’m really enjoying this side of the business! I’ve started building WordPress websites for artists, too, and will be showing them soon. Hope you are well. We miss you! Love – steve

  3. Ann Rosier says:

    Nice blog! Thanks. Your work is fantastic!

  4. steverossman says:

    Thanks Ann! So is yours! Love working with you both. Hope you’re well. steve

  5. John E. Faulkner says:

    Wonderful, Steve. Thanks for sharing this with me.


  6. steverossman says:

    Thanks John! I’m really enjoying getting back into this type of activity. And clients seemed to be pleased with the results! Hope you are well. Can’t wait to see you for the holidays. steve

  7. Steve,
    Thank you so much for adding me to this wonderful blog. I love the logo’s you created and it makes me think of my son in NY that created my logo at the age of 17. He’s a brilliant man and once he graduates next year- he will hopefully go to a job that he not only is qualified for but one that he will thoroughly enjoy. It sounds like photography is your love but your love of people takes you in a whole new direction. I am humbled at that and wish you all the best my friend.

  8. steverossman says:

    Thanks so much, Dawn. Your son sounds terrific. Best of luck to you both. steve.

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