First things first…You’ve probably noticed that the masthead for this website has changed.

The four pieces in the masthead were designed and fabricated by Jonna Faulkner (Summer Garden panel bracelet); Jan Spencley (Leaves & Vines necklace);  Lesley Messam (Mary, Mary Quite Contrary vessel with cap); and Connie Fox (Bangle bracelets).  All are magnificent and I thank the artists for allowing me to use their work.  Here’s a closer look:

4 jewelry images from Jonna Faulkner, Jan SPencley, Leslie Messam and Connie Fox.  Photos by Steve Rossman

Actually, I’ve changed the name of my company to more accurately reflect what I do.  Over the past few months, along with jewelry photography and teaching, I’ve also been designing logos and building blog/websites like this one for artist clients. So the new name is Steve Rossman Photo+Marketing.  I’ll be sharing some of these design projects very soon.

Shifting gears, I participated in a terrific conference on blogging and new media late last week and am still trying to process it all.  It was quite an experience to be sitting in a room with a couple of thousand people who all are engaged in this new (okay, relatively new) form of communication and expression.

One quick story:  Jim Farley,  VP of Global Marketing, Sales & Service for Ford was the Friday evening keynote speaker .  He addressed the growing strength of new media and ways in which Ford embraces change.

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m not a “Twitter” guy.  While my posts do upload to Twitter, I’m not what you’d call “active.”  So imagine my surprise (no…astonishment!) when Farley asked the ‘standing-room-only’ audience, “How many of you are on Twitter RIGHT NOW?” and 95% (my estimate) of the people in the room raised their cell phones high in the air!  I’m thinking to myself, “There are a lot of pretty smart people here…maybe I ought to at least make an effort to understand this stuff.”  It was powerful.

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3 Responses to Changes

  1. I am snickering as I read this because I try and try to keep up with all the social media outlets and there is just not enough time in a day to really get a bit more personal with some of your followers. My SEO/Marketing Company-well, they may not be for too long – anyway, they say Facebook and Twitter are your biggest places to establish a “relationship” with your followers…ok, in between buying jewelry, going to expo’s, half attempting to take pictures of the jewelry and they are turning out awful – it’s just nice to know I’m not alone in this…thanks for making me smile today…I needed it!

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