Step by Step Wire Jewelry interview by Connie Fox

Connie Fox is a truly extraordinary metalsmith, jewelry designer and teacher. Her work has been prominently featured in these pages. Below is one of my favorites, her Wide Bangle with Spinners. Connie teaches virtually every aspect of metalsmithing in her state-of-the-art San Diego studio.

Connie Fox - Bangle_with Spinners.  Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

Connie recently interviewed me for an article in Step by Step Wire Jewelry.

Logo for Step-by-step Wire Jewelry Magazine

The issue just came out this month. It’s on newsstands now. The interview/article focused on tips for improving artists’ photos of their work.  Connie noted in the intro that one of the simple photo tips (Don’t mix light!) improved the quality of her images immediately. Parenthetically, the article featured a shot of Jonna Faulkner’s Bird Toggle Bracelet, constructed from wire, fine silver and pearls.

Jonna Faulkner - Bird Toggle bracelet. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

For more info on Connie Fox, her gorgeous work and her teaching schedule, go to  (She’s got a great blog, too!)

You can learn more about Step by Step Wire Jewelry or subscribe to the print and/or digital versions at

And, as ever, you can see much more of Jonna Faulkner‘s work (and find her current teaching schedule) at  Jonna works and teaches from her studio in Escondido, CA, just north of San Diego.

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