Three clients featured in Holly Gage’s 2012 Calendar

Now in its fifth year, Holly Gage’s  The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry Calendar 2012 is a phenomenon in the world of metal clay.  Over 300 images were submitted to compete in a juried selection process for 43 spots in the calendar.  It’s a testament to the strides that have been made in both artistry and craft in a young jewelry medium.  You can find much more info or purchase this year’s calendar at

Jonna Faulkner's Summer Garden Bracelet. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman

Jonna Faulkner entered a new bracelet titled “Summer Garden.”  Created from fine silver and pearls, it’s a superbly detailed series of linked panels, joined by a clasp of her own design.  This is the fourth time Jonna’s work has been featured in the calendar, with her Protector Necklace being chosen for the cover in 2011.  She is delighted to be part of Holly’s efforts to raise awareness about the sophisticated potential of metal clay.

I’m equally pleased to add that Lesley Messam  and Linda Grisham Jean were represented in this year’s calendar with photos that I shot.  You’ve seen both of these amazing artists in these pages.  Congrats to all three talented artists!

Lesley Messam's Vessel and cap - "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary". Metal Clay photography by Steve Rossman

Lesley Messam, a jury member for this year’s calendar, created “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary,” a vessel and screw top.  It’s certainly one of the most whimsical pieces I’ve ever shot.   And one of the best crafted.  Wow!  You can see more of Lesley’s work at  Purchase her work at

Linda_Grisham Jean - Romantic Filigree Necklace. Jewelry Photography by Steve Rossman

Linda Grisham Jean’s “Romantic Filigree Necklace & Earrings” set has been featured in a previous post on this site.  Read more at

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One Response to Three clients featured in Holly Gage’s 2012 Calendar

  1. John E. Faulkner says:

    Beautiful work!!!

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